New Horizons - Sharing Adventures

Exhibitions / The Hague
27 March 2014, 8pm

Lola Bikes & Coffee, Noordeinde 91, 2514 GD
The Hague
+31 (0)61 471 5854
€: Free

Dutch photographer Bruno van den Elshout (1979) dedicated all of 2012 to photographing the North Sea horizon, at every hour of the entire year.

He is now shaping this project into a monumental book publication that celebrates the art of Adventure. At Lola Bikes & Coffee in The Hague, he will tell how one small idea grew into a project of a lifetime.


Influenced by artists such as Andreas Gursky, Hans Aarsman and Piet Mondrian, Bruno van den Elshout's NEW HORIZONS project is the result of longing for space and tranquillity in a world that is growing increasingly hectic. 

From this longing comes 8.785 photographs of the North Sea. 500 of these meditative images will become the subject of a forthcoming book.

In addition to these works, van den Elshout has also produced the notable series Crossroad Europe, documenting land and streetscapes from all 27 European Union member states, and Poldermotieven, a reflective series on Dutch motorways and infrastructure. 

bruno van den elshout

About Bruno van den Elshout

Born in 1979 in The Hague, Bruno van den Elshout initially studied International Business (1997-2001) only to eventually follow the path of his own creations.

For his project Us Europeans, he travelled all (then) 27 member states of the European Union to interview more than 2.700 young Europeans about their daily lives. Read more about the artist in this earlier interview with IamExpat.

bruno van den elshout


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